Ready-to-work* ready-to-party* ready-to-wear LOUISA OKONYE

Founded in early 2009 and drafted for the modern urban woman, LOUISA OKONYE FASHION DESIGN was able to establish itself quickly and convincingly on the Austrian fashion market.
The collection pieces satisfy by superior quality, functionality as well as individualism and easily gathered a firm and enthusiastic client base.
The Designer herself always keeps a demanding eye on the premium manufacture and the excellent possibility of combining all products.
Playful details, first-class materials and feminine trendiness are keywords to describe the LOUISA OKONYE collection.

Due to the overwhelming domestic success and concerning various international requests the LOUISA OKONYE FASHION DESIGN collections are now available Europe wide.

The LOUISA OKONYE wearing woman is the typical young, urban and fashionable female of today.
She is confident, independent and strong though she is not afraid to express her womanhood and to subtly highlight her sex appeal.

LOUISA OKONYE FASHION DESIGN offers its clients the certainty to shine and to stand out by wearing an individual outfit at business or private occasions. The woman of today faces multiple challenges on a daily basis. She capably balances work, family, friends as well as leisure and therefore she is aware of the fact that she is always perfectly and appropriately dressed by LOUISA OKONYE.